Project #futureMe

JCI Lappeenranta along with other EMT JCI Chambers is bringing together local secondary schools (kids aged 13 – 15 years), cities, companies and other organizations to build a sustainable future. This project is called #futureMe

#futureMe brings together young people and schools from all around the Europe to develop the future skills needed for sustainability, active citizenship and responsible leadership in our youngsters. The project is also for local partners to show Corporate Social Responsibility in an international network.

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Why such project is important?

The world in which schools operate has undergone major changes since the beginning of the 2000s, showing the impact of globalization, the challenges and importance of sustainable way of doing, knowing and being.

  • Doing – all important and most influential outcomes are produced by cooperation and networks
  • Knowing – more and more decentralized both technically and socially
  • Being – our identity is hard-pressed in a world of constant change and global information flows

As the world is changing, the competencies needed in society and working life have changed. Future skills for building a sustainable future are required. Therefore, content of teaching, pedagogy and school practices should be reviewed and renewed in relation to the changes in the surrounding environment and required skills.

EMT JCI Chambers can provide a platform for new learning environments by facilitating cooperation of schools, companies and other local organizations internationally.

The theme of the project 2015-2016 in schools: #grandeDesign2040

Read more about the project from #futureMe2015 EMT Fact sheet

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